“What you think and say, the mind believes. Repeated thoughts grow roots. Your mind does not discern between the past, the present, and the future. Life is whatever you make it and what your mouth and mind say it is!“

~ Luka Hinić

Luka Hinić is a regenerative detoxification specialist based in Croatia, Europe. He was having health issues since his high school days and throughout a whole decade of struggle, hospitals and medication he was diagnosed with 4 autoimmune dis-eases – Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, gastritis and autoimmune hepatitis. He was living a hectic lifestyle full of partying, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and aggressive behavior because he was trying to run away from his problems and trying to numb himself out from all of it. After that, while he was 26 years old, he was not given any other option but to be on medication for the rest of his life and waiting for a liver transplant because of liver failure. That was the point where he was desperate enough to open up to new possibilities, approaches and methods. He found out through an acquaintance about Dr Robert Morse, detoxification and the power and connection of the body, mind and soul. He then healed himself from all diagnosis using detoxification with foods plus fasting while working on his mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and is now living a completely different healthy and peaceful life ever since. Luka is now guiding and teaching thousands of people all over the world on how to heal themselves through detoxification of the body, mind and soul with an energetic approach, intelligence and understanding of the body, nature and living in harmony within nature’s laws.

About Luka Hinić - Healthy Vibrant Life

“Through my detoxification and transitioning programs, consultations, education, seminars on the topic of detoxification and natural health —live and online, people experience amazing results and experience positive changes in every segment of their lives.”

I share my testimony so all may know everything is possible when you decide to help yourself and do whatever it takes to change what you need to change. No matter the circumstance, there is ALWAYS a way. Every one of you has that power! I and many others are living proof.
You are able to change your health and your life, no matter how the situation seems.Taking responsibility for your health and life is the first step.
Much love,

~ Luka Hinić