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Are you okay and accepting of your past? Is there something that you’re ashamed of or regretting something that you did? Are you still judging yourself because of it?

Let me share with you some things about myself and in general. People who judge people, usually judge themselves the most. What I want to emphasize to you is that we are the ones talking to ourselves the most all the time, every day 0-24 for the rest of our existence here. Is that self talk unconscious or are you aware about your relationship with yourself and how you talk to yourself?

I’ve judged myself a LOT during my life, I hated myself so much, that I hated every part of me that I saw in others as well. Living in a victim mentality and that it is always everything someone elses fault.

That all came from the things I experienced in my life from since I was child, and people in my environment judged me, most importantly I judged me for all of it, without being able to accept any of those things that I did then or that I was in a certain way different than someone else – because we are all meant to not ever make mistakes in our lives and be perfect like people around us want us to be in their own comfort right? NOP.

I’ve been abused emotionally.

I’ve abused emotionally.

I’ve been manipulated and used.

I’ve manipulated and used.

I’ve been physically assaulted.

I’ve physically assaulted.

I’ve been lied to.

I’ve lied to.

I’ve been rejected, disrespected, walked all over.

I’ve rejected, disrespected, walked all over.

Do you see the pattern?

I’m aware of all of those things, I’m not proud of them, but I’m definitely not ashamed of them. Why would I be ashamed of something I did before which in that moment was the best way I knew how to do something. I did the best I knew. I can’t change what I did. So why would I judge myself because of that for the rest of my life?

I needed to accept myself 100% so I could love myself unconditionally with no judgment. I’m okay with what I did, now I know better. I’m not running away anymore from what I did. That’s a part of my life as well, an important one, that’s where all the lessons are.

That’s why I don’t have troubles being an open book here with you guys. Because I got nothing to hide. I love me. I love all the „good“ and „bad“ things I did and all the parts I have. Even the still unhealed parts of me which need love the most.

People from the past who knew me then, wouldn’t even recognize me how much I grow weekly, not yearly. What you need to understand, that all the people in your life, have completely different perspectives and versions of you inside their mind. Someone who knew you 5 years from now, and someone who knows you now will have completely different versions of you inside their minds in a sense.

For example, the person that abused me emotionally, might be now the best guy ever helping millions of people, and in my mind he is a bad person because of what he did to me. See where I’m going with this?

My point is, I want you to befriend yourself, your whole self, with your past, with all you’ve been through, you’re here, you’re fine, you’re safe, it’s time to be WHOLE again, it does not define you, those were just lessons!

So when people start talking and surfacing things you did before to pull you down, that you’re completely okay with it, because you know that you did it and you’re okay with it. Then there’s literally nothing for them to talk about, because if they can’t pull you down with that, they got nothing. If you’re not judging yourself anymore, no one can make you feel bad about anything about you.

Either talking behind your back , or in your face : „Oh Luka , you broke that girls heart, and manipulated her“. „Yes, I did.“. Because I did, so what can I change about it now? I changed myself, that’s enough for me. And that’s why now I know better. And I’m fine with that because I didn’t know it then.

It goes for everything else like that with me. When you’re okay with who you are, and know your truth, not even those past stories, or even invented stories from other people will bother you.

I can talk about all of this with a calm and loving heart towards myself. With everyone, I will always say if I did something in that sense before or now, because I’m fine. I’m human, just like everyone else, I make mistakes, I do silly things. I’m learning from it, growing by the day, being a better person and a better version of me every day.

Love yourself and your body unconditionally always.

Health is wealth.

Love you guys,


Luka Hinić - Healthy Vibrant Life

(in this picture I’m saying – Hey, I’m open, you know all about me and I’m not afraid or ashamed because of it, so if you’re judging me, why are you judging yourself? Let’s be friends and be okay with who we are and what happened in our lives.)