Detoxification masterclass

Course Duration: 07h 18m

Course Price: 2.312,50kn

About Course

These are recorded videos from the live 5-day Detox masterclass in July 2021. In this masterclass you get 5 videos of 7 hours in total with educational information, knowledge, experience and wisdom about detoxification that Luka gathered through his own life experience and experiences with hundreds of clients from all over the world. There are also assignments for emotional self work, self awareness and raising and developing your consciousness.
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Healthy vibrant life - Luka HInić
Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

Day 1
1. What are the proper foods for detoxification and why?
2. Fruit sugar vs. complex sugar
3. Food combining rules
4. Opening the channels of elimination
5. The importance of intestinal cleansing and how to do it

Day 2
1. Hierarchy of detoxification
2. Detoxification symptoms
3. How to deal with detoxification physically and emotionally
4. Fasting protocols – dry, water and juice fasting
5. Losing or gaining weight to bring the body back to normal weight

Day 3
1. How to be emotionally balanced
2. How to make yourself a top priority
3. Getting aware and changing your subconscious programs
4. Dealing with relationship issues
5. Feeling worthiness
6. How to overcome anxiety
7. How our emotions are connected to certain organs and glands

Day 4
1. Four most important processes of the body
2. Why is exercise crucial for health
3, Medication and supplements (including B12 and vitamin D)
4. How herbs aid in health transformation
5. Do we need to be afraid of the sun

Day 5
1. What are real deficiencies in the body
2. The lymphatic system
3. Kidney filtration
4. Do we have parasites and are they dangerous
5. What does Luka’s typical day look like for detoxification
6. Detoxification techniques – sauna, yoga, coconut oil pulling etc.
7. Digging deeper into health
8. Putting it all together – the mind-body connection
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