Simple rules of eating

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What you eat today has to make your body do the heart beat, and create new blood, renew your bone marrow, fuel your brain, ease your mind, make your lungs work, support your immune system, heal your skin, keep your digestive system working smoothly, lubricate your joints, repair and build your muscles. What will you eat to do that?

What is it about?

This workshop is about introducing the simplicity of how the body works and what are the simple rules of eating. In the workshop Luka shares and talks about what it really means to eat properly and healthily, whether it is enough to just eat the right foods and picking the right groceries, whether it is possible that in some situations natural food is harmful as well, is there any more important factors than just what we eat…

Simple rules of eating - Luka Hinić
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About the “video product”:

1 hour and 4 minutes of lecture on the simple rules of eating. The video product explains how we forgot the most basic rules of eating properly. Most of the rules that you will learn and hear about in this video product are not even about what foods you eat, it goes much deeper into all aspects of proper and healthy eating and living. The video was recorded at an online workshop in a private FB group where people participated live.

The video is in english.

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Simple rules of eating

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Simple rules of eating

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