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Iridology reading

Basic iridology reading includes detailed information about your genetic constitution and weaknesses, the current state of your cells in organs and glands, about the lymphatic system and gut health, eye colors, stage of stagnation in certain systems of the body and suggestions about how to go from that point on into your new better lifestyle. It also includes a detailed explanation about your current state of health and what it is connected to in regard to organs and glands. It includes the emotional, mental and spiritual connections and notes with those specific points in your body that need to be addressed in your life.

Detox Program

In this program, you get a detoxification program specifically made for yours and your body’s needs at this specific moment to detoxify your body properly from whatever it is that you’re having issues with. You get all the daily routines and habits, eating regimes and schedules for every week. You get a 60-day herbal protocol. You get in detail all explained what to expect during this program, all other flexible options and replacements during it, why we are doing it, and why do we need to detoxify our body, mind, and soul on a yearly basis.




Create clear pictures of your eyes

If you don’t know how to take the pictures here you can watch a video tutorial on how to take them.


Fill up a questionnaire

Must have questionnaire so I can find out more details about you and help you even more specifically.

Please send photos of your eyes and filled questionnaire to a confirmation mail for your ordered service.


Since it is well known that almost all diseases start in the gut, I found big importance in cleaning the intestines on a yearly basis and they are the main focus in any of my detoxification programs. Sign up and claim your free intestinal cleaning program which can be used flexibly from 15 days to 60 days. I would recommend 60 days for best results.

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