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Today I’m going to write you exactly what fasting is, how to do it properly and the amazing benefits of it.

How do I know the benefits are amazing? I was suffering with Crohn’s disease, autoimmune hepatitis, gastritis and rheumatoid arthritis and fasting was one of the biggest factors that helped me transform not only my health, but my whole life!

This post will show you the depths and details of information and knowledge about fasting and types of fasting I’ve learned during my journey plus my personal experience and experience of my clients in all of it.

Let’s dive right in.

What is fasting?

Fasting has been apart of cultures for thousands of years and unfortunately, we have entered into a worldwide culture of eating with very little fasting involved unless someone gets sick and the body forces itself to fast to detoxify and cleanse.

We have come to times when people think that skipping breakfast is bad not to mention fasting for a day.

If you went on a research a bit, you would find out that all of the great minds of the history were promoting and doing fasting for periods of time because of its physical, emotional, mental and especially spiritual benefits.

Have you ever noticed in nature how animals live?

What do animals do when they feel sick, or they hurt themselves?

They fast, eventually they drink water and that’s it.

Natural process of the body

How do you feel when you have cold and flu like symptoms, or fevers? Are you hungry? Of course not, that is a natural process of the body to cleanse itself and gets out what it needs , and it doesn’t want you to eat, because that would stop the process of regeneration and cleansing!

This is one more proof that our bodies always know what to do and what it needs to get back to balance if we LET it.

So whenever the body gets in those kind of cleansing processes which I am highly encouraging with the detoxification approach and holistic lifestyle, go through it if you can, just hydrate yourself with water, teas and/or juices and let the body do its thing in 100% efficiency.

Having the understanding that when those cleansing symptoms during the detoxification program happen – that it is a natural process of the body and that we want it to happen, is crucial.

Then you can keep calm, and trust your body and the process.

Fasting truly is gift from nature to us humans in our body’s design for cleansing and regenerating our body that has become disbalanced and weakened, and it’s free of charge! Your body is your best doctor and the only doctor you need.

How fasting works?

When we fast, and the body doesn’t have anything to digest and process, it starts taking care of itself, getting out what it needs to get out, creating new healthy cells, destroying the damaged ones, decreasing inflammation, increasing growth hormones, increasing longevity etc. That is how powerful our body is!

When a person fasts, he gives every day long lasting relaxation and renewal to every organ in the body! It is especially good for the health of the digestive organs, and it also affects the quality of the blood.

If you do not eat, the body begins to consume internal reserves, with the least being taken from nerve tissue, the heart and other organs – the body uses first diseased tissues, tumors, cysts, growths and the like. That is all that does not belong to the body and what should be thrown out.

What have experiments shown?

Experiments have shown that the amount of reserves that the body can use during fasting is such that it can go to complete exhaustion, which is 40 to 50 percent of the weight of a person!

Fasting method is an internal operation without a knife, with nature being much more subtle than any surgeon – it preserves what is healthy while eliminating what is sick.

During fasting, body weight decreases, the greatest weight loss is observed in the first fasting period, then gradually decreases, and the younger the body, the greater the weight loss.

Studies have shown that patients suffering from anemia, with a deficiency of red blood cells or an increase in white, are usually regenerated well with fasting.

The effect of fasting on skin rejuvenation is especially noticeable – sharp lines and wrinkles become less conspicuous, skin becomes younger, gets a more beautiful color and glow, and tissue structure improves, compensates for the energy consumed.

The abdomen is dormant, the bloodstream is properly distributed, and the brain works logically – the influx of thought is normal and the reasoning is clear. Passion calms down, instincts give way to reason, so then reason manages emotions. During fasting the weight loss of certain organs and tissues in percentages looks like this:

Fat 97%, spleen 60%, liver 53.7%, muscle 30%, blood 26%, kidneys 25%, skin 20.6%, intestines 18%, lungs 17.7%, pancreas 17%, bones 13.9 %, nervous system 3.9% and heart 3.6%.

Why should you try fasting?

I would encourage everyone to incorporate fasting in their lifestyle and to research about it, and experience it for themselves.

There have been amazing testimonies regarding prolonged and daily intermittent fasting.

I’m one of them! When I was on just fruits and herbs I got far with the detoxification and regeneration process regarding Crohn’s , autoimmune hepatitis, arthritis and gastritis.

When I started intermittent fasting from 14 hours up to 18 hours daily and started incorporating prolonged fasting once in a while when I got my body into a more hydrated state, that’s when the body’s cleansing process went a step further and deeper because I was allowing my body for a period of time to do what it needs for itself while providing the right conditions during other times.

Now I’m healthier than I ever been in my whole life! And living life as I want, and I’m just getting started.

I have been incorporating intermittent fasting and prolonged fasting for almost 3 years now.

Types of fasting

There a few types of fasting – and those are dry fasting, water fasting and intermittent fasting.

Dry fasting is when you consume absolutely nothing, no food, no water – and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to do that unless they are on this hydrating alkalizing lifestyle for at least half a year. Combination of a dehydrated body and dry fasting doesn’t go well.

Water fasting is when you consume only water and nothing else. If you are doing water fasting I would always recommend drinking either natural spring water from glass bottles, distilled water or getting a reverse osmosis filter in your home. Try avoiding tap water or plastic water bottles especially if you’re fasting because of all the chemicals and heavy metals inside. Do the best you can.

Intermittent fasting is something that I’m doing all the time. First I was planning it, now I just listen to my body and eat when hungry and stop when satisfied.

My personal routine

I have a period of time in the day when I eat and it is mostly from 2 pm to 6 pm. It is not strict, I move it around as I feel. It is a 18-22 hour period of intermittent water fasting. In those 18-22 hours we are giving our bodies time and energy for anything it needs during this detoxification process to take care of itself.

Whenever you’re thinking of doing prolonged fasting which is fasting for more than a day, I would always suggest talking to someone experienced about it, or having supervision from someone experienced. Do not do it alone, if you’re not familiar with the process already or have experience.

If someone is interested in trying out fasting, having good preparation for it and a refeeding process right after, check out my detox programs.

I make you a specific 4 week preparation program for it, we go through the fasting process which length depends on your wishes and body’s condition and after that a 4 week refeeding period. During the whole program or just fasting period you can choose to have me every day for 30 minutes on a video call or whatsapp as guidance, support and coach in physical, emotional, mindset and spiritual sense.

Join me in this beautiful journey, and break your conditions and limits in your mind, and free yourself. Get to know you. Unlearn and relearn who you really are and how powerful you really are.

Become aware of your thought patterns, your limiting beliefs and anything that is holding you back to be who you want to be, and do what you want to do.

Why is giving energy through fasting to the body so important?

The more energy you provide to the body during the fasting period to purge out what it needs, the more the body can regenerate damaged cells and tissues, because energy is vital for the process of allowing the body to regenerate itself.

When we effectively hydrate with a lifestyle full of watery rich fruits and veggies and the more we start to filter out the acids, toxins and mucus out of the body, the more energy we could experience on a fast and we might actually feel more energy while we’re not eating than when we are eating.

After half a year of practicing fasting, I started feeling more energetic, clear and focus when I’m not eating than when I’m eating.

The cleaner you get, the better you function in every way, and you’re starting to be aware how powerful you really are.

Prove it for yourself! Experiment and try, properly. See how it goes FOR you.

It is a life changer, it’s an introduction how our life and health can look like if we would be on self care and self love lifestyle long term.

You can get a lot of insights about your health, how your body works and it’s natural processes, and especially about yourself. A lot of habits like smoking, coffee or similar can be reversed just by doing this once, because it makes it so much easier afterwards to keep going.

Dry fast as the king of physical regeneration

Dry fasting is the most intense way of fasting and therefore we need to be most careful when entering and exiting this type of fast.

Into a dry fast it’s always best to enter by flushing out the bowels (enema, herbal laxatives). This should be the last thing we do when we stop bringing food and fluids into the body to make the colon have more space for substances that are released during fasting and thus expelled outside the body. The significance of dry fasting is that it cleanses all unwanted matter from deep tissues and even from the cells themselves, like when we squeeze a dirty sponge with our hands.

Dry fasting also triggers the elimination of harmful substances and weakened tissues. In this way, we burn off all excess fat (which is where the toxins are stored), as well as diseased and damaged body cells, while nourishing and multiplying healthy tissues. This multiplication is accomplished by the increased production of stem cells.

Detoxification symptoms during dry fasting

During dry fasting, various bodily reactions can occur. They can take many forms, from black tongue and mouth and skin breath, to the appearance of pain at the sites of old injuries, fever, burning sensation, dizziness, heart beat and palpitations, drying of the mouth, lack of energy, return of symptoms of old diseases, etc.

None of this will necessarily happen, but you should be aware and prepared in case something like this occurs. Most of these detoxification symptoms do not require any special attention except that it is advisable to lie down, rest, meditate or spend time in prayer as long as possible until the symptoms have passed. The understanding of the process and believing in your body and nature is very important.

Dry fasting is also a great time to apply additional methods such as walking in nature on the sun and grounding yourself, massage, breathing exercises or light stretching. It is important to perform all movements slowly and carefully, especially when getting up from a sitting and lying position. This should always be coordinated with the breathing and movements of the rising should always be performed slowly and during exhalation to avoid dizziness and fainting.

When do you get into ketosis?

It takes 2, 3 days of dry fasting to get into the real ketosis. A bit more with water fasting. It is said that 1 day of dry fasting equals 3 days of water fasting and 7 days of juice fasting.

You will know that you got into ketosis when you have that smell coming out of the bowels through your mouth. You can’t miss it. That’s when the real magic starts happening and going very deep.

Why you don’t want to do it alone?

When going into a dry fast, it is advisable to do so in the presence of someone who is experienced and who can help us if needed or at least be notified of our fast and ready for contact if it will be needed. It is desirable that this is someone who has experience with this type of fasting and who is calm and calm in situations that may seem worrying and stressful to the uninitiated.

Several body reactions are sure signs that fasting would be wise to break regardless of the set goals of fasting, such as:

NO URINATION for more than 16 hours.

Fast heartbeat – over 130 beats over a period of 1-2 minutes.

Slow heart rate – below 50 beats per minute.

Low blood pressure – under 80/50.

Exhaustion to the point of not being able to get out of bed.

Difficulty breathing with the feeling of suffocation.

In the event of any of these conditions, it would be wise to begin the rehydration process.


The dry fast is best ended by a gentle fluid intake. It can be tea or squeezed juice. Another option is to break with an enema with distilled water. The longer the fast is, the longer and lighter the break should be. Intake of a large amount of fluid at once after dry fasting can lead to sudden bodily reactions due to a sudden overload of the system. It is advisable to drink the liquid in small sips at intervals of 5-10 minutes, until we feel a satisfaction of thirst. When normal urination is established (usually for about 2-5 hours, it can be longer) we can take fluid in larger quantities as well. If not earlier at this point it is advisable to do an enema.

After that incorporating watery juicy fruits to wake up the digestive system more and more. With time incorporating watery vegetables, salads and then after a few weeks going on more heavier and cooked foods if that is your choice.

Fasting is the way to cleanse and purify the body and mind

When you fast the ugly bits will come out of you. You might feel the hidden fears. You might see your surpressed emotions. The sadness and anxiety and frustration and anger might come out. You must feel them. You must sit with them and reevaluate all the thoughts you have associated with the trauma. You must forgive yourself and all others involved.

Fasting is something that should be done with a balanced and conscious mindset. Fasting can be very aggressive and most humans with their damaged bodies can’t handle the aggressive nature of removing metabolic waste from every cell of the body. When you stop eating, drinking, or just discontinuing solid food for a season, your body will start the regeneration process, and when the body wants to cleanse and regenerate it will get rid of anything it doesn’t want in it.

Fasting and detoxification is an art, and transition is important if your diet was extremely acidic and mucus forming. You want to avoid fasting, and start transitioning off of these foods first. Go a 100% plant-based for a couple weeks, then go 100% raw for a couple weeks and then start eating 100% fruit based for at least a month before you start prolonged fasting.

The transitioning period

When you start eating fruits and 100% raw plant based or at least 80% raw, you will eventually want to fast and give your body a break so that It could fully focus on regenerating and repairing. The body can’t fully repair on a level that most humans desire if your body is still eating and processing. This will happen intuitively, there will be a sense of passion, understanding, and your body will be clean enough to handle an extended fast. If you don’t fast intuitively, and you do it impulsively, you could end up creating unhealthy eating habits. There is no such thing when it comes to forcing the body to heal on your time, so trying to rush something without a correct understanding of what and how detoxification works should be avoided.

Fasting should be a spiritual experience not just a physical tool for detoxification. If you think it’s dangerous to fast but feel like you need to cleanse, please don’t fast because you probably then still don’t understand how it works. If you go on a 100% fruit based diet, you will create detoxification, and your body will cleanse and repair at a very high level, I would focus on that rather than jumping into fasting not prepared for the practical outcome that may occur.

A lot of the times the mind puts fear and then the body shuts down when detoxification takes place at a high level like this. If you can control your mind and educate yourself about the process and experience it by yourself, you can go great limits with anything you do in life. It’s fear and anxiety that suppress you from achieving high limits of pushing your body far when it comes to fasting and detoxification. I still would highly recommend for anybody, regardless of their will power and mind strength to transition a little bit before fasting, get to a watery hydrating lifestyle first with the fruits and herbs, because there’s plenty of time to fast.

With experience you will start listening more and more to your body

You will learn to go by how you feel, not by what how you have been taught. Fasting will teach you, that the body has a need not a constant want. However when you do fast and clean out your body at the highest level possible you will experience die off symptoms and deal with intense cravings, but if you pull through it and understand that fasting is also a spiritual experience and if you embrace the now during the process, you will strengthen your mind gain the discipline, and will create a healthy relationship with eating, and also have a deep respect for fasting as a lifestyle tool just as much as eating as a lifestyle tool.

Until you really get clean, you will feel uncomfortable during fasting, it’s only because the body is trying to cleanse itself, and get rid of everything it doesn’t want. That’s why the body gets rid of weight(waste) during the fasts, it will always get rid of what it doesn’t need which is fat(where the toxins are stored), water, metabolic and digestive waste. At one point the body stops losing weight naturally and you start rebuilding it with nutritious living foods in a healthier way.

I don’t think it can be explained more simple than this. Your health is not only what you eat or drink or put on your skin, how much movement, nature and breathing are you incorporating in your daily routines, it’s also what you think and feel about yourself, your life and life in general, relationships, and what you ELIMINATE.

Open up your body’s elimination channels

If we’re talking about the physical, in these times, we’re definitely consuming a lot more than actually eliminating through our elimination channels (skin, lungs( breath), colon and kidneys) because we’re eating a lot of man made foods that are not natural and just clogging overall for our body. And if we look at simple details that 90% of the food we’re having in the supermarkets today, didn’t even exist 100 years ago.

My simple advice for the physical part – work on opening up your elimination channels – breathing exercises, sunlight and movement ( in nature would be best – at least walking in nature), fasting, clean out your gut, saunas and exercises for sweating.


Buy yourself foods in its whole nature form, without the labels, because whatever has a long shelf life, ask yourself how can this stay on the shelfs for so long before „going bad“, then you’ll know that it is not natural, imagine what impact that has on your body long term? That’s also why so many people during cleansing see things go out of them which were there for months and years even after even 3 months of only liquid foods.

Think about it a little. Do the best you can for yourself, and always look long term and remind yourself to avoid short term gratification. If you won’t take care of yourself, who will?

Consider all that you read here, now I would like to hear from you guys.

Which type of fasting did you try already or you would be willing to try?

What was your experience?

Let me know in the comments below and share this article with anyone who you think might benefit from this information.

Much love,


Luka Hinić - Healthy Vibrant Life