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I’m gonna share a little story here.. How many times in your life you felt bad for trying something, for listening to your heart before your mind could even try to stop you? And then you fail, or it falls apart and you feel bad about it? Why? What’s wrong with that?

I myself fell in love so hard, done crazy stuff because of it, got hurt myself and hurt my ex partners, unconsciously, unintentionally but we do it, because I didn’t know how to love myself, how could I properly love someone else?

I went into businesses, got hyped, got a loan from the bank to invest, few months later, I gave up, with debt on my shoulders..Tried to go on a certain course which attracted me at the certain time, payed for it, went to one module, and gave up..

I was always doing stuff so quickly following my heart, but when the first thing started being harder, I gave up because it was the easiest thing to do.. Blame your ex, blame the business its a scam, blame the government, blame the country, blame your parents.. Where are you on the blame list? On the blame list should be only YOU!

Because of all that stuff I got judged and laughed at, talked behind the back.. I was being told I’m too impulsive that I need to think before I do something, don’t be stupid, dont be this dont be that..I crawled down everytime because of that into the comfort zone again and been depressed, got sick, had serious health issues, and needed a year to get myself back together and try again!

The things they were saying got me feeling bad, but the things I said to myself made me feel even worse everytime feeling like a complete failure at everything, I couldn’t even finish what I wanted when it got hard and people around you help you out with that so you can give up easier and quicker..

Why is that bad? I TRIED! I followed my heart, my souls language! All the times that I mentioned are my best and happiest and craziest moments of my life which made me feel alive, I learned my biggest lessons and got my greatest blessings from all of them, because it all taught me bit by bit stuff about myself so I can get to where I am now and where I’m going!

Failure is awesome!! I wish I will fail 1000 more times, because that means that you are living, not existing! You are actually wanting to change yourself, your life for the better, you have the balls and the gut to actually try something different no matter how it ends!!

Be proud, you are doing it, trying, going where you want to be, growing to who you want to be, while everyone is eating popcorn and then when you fail – oh didnt I tell you, it wont work!!! Everything that is worth it is hard, it will have its obstacles for your mind to handle, and your mind will try to trick you :oh don’t do that, you can’t do that, better not even start, its gonna take ages..

Well to hell with that.. Everything is hard.. Being sad is hard, being broke is hard, being happy is hard, being rich is hard.. CHOOSE YOUR HARD! I love my parents, they will support me even if I decide to be a serial killer, but they can’t be objective to you, if you succeed they are happy, if you fail they are happy because if you give up you won’t get “hurt” again and they don’t like watching you struggle ..

But sometimes that is not what you needed to hear.. Don’t get me wrong but parents, you don’t have to be perfect, just be happy and that will have the best impact and influence on your kids..

And guess what is happening now, I’m not giving anymore after all those giving ups, I am willing to die for my dreams, and go through hell if needed, but guess why I can do that now? Because life prepared me!

Now im healthy as I’ve ever been, living the life I want and getting on a roll each day to become even better, investing in myself and rocking on! If you ever have doubt, or going through a rough time, damnit contact me, I will help you shove that out your head!

Well this was a long writting, my fingers hurt, if you read to this part all together , I thank you and appreciate you🙏 if not, I thank you too, because I’m lazy sometimes aswell 😂 I’m starting my own blog, website and youtube, so it will be easier for me to share and provide content for you peeps, STAY TUNED! love you ❤

Thank you one year ago ME for this post 😀 wow how this post got me fired up when I read it again after a year and it felt amazing and I was proud because that was the first time I talked about all of this, and let it out in public, this was also when I was just about to start my business (what I’m doing now). I was already working with people, but not officially with my own company and I was doing it for free and I had a side job, at that time I just quit that job in London and went straight 100% in all of this.

And I said then – for example – my blog, website and youtube. It’s pretty amazing, that right NOW is the time when it all manifested. I’ve gone through a lot of things this whole year, whoever was here on this journey with me knows that! With health, mindset, emotions, business, starting my own company etc. And all of that got me to where I am now WHEN my website is actually officially out. And my blog and youtube is starting this month! Isn’t that beautiful how life goes when you see it as it is?

Here is my website – feel free to check it out for more in depth info on what I actually do with people and clients and stay tuned for longer youtube videos, more in depth articles in the blog, making my own private group here and patreon for people that will want to go more specific and in depth with me with anything regarding health, awareness and mindset, and much much more!

Love yourself and your body unconditionally always.

Health is wealth.

Love you guys,


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