Detoxification masterclass + 1 Detox protocol

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Luka Hinić - Detoxification Masterclass
Detoxification Masterclass
Luka Hinić - Detox Protocol
Detox protocol
Detox Protocols

In this masterclass you get 5 videos of 7 hours in total with educational information, knowledge, experience and wisdom about detoxification that Luka gathered through his own life experience and experiences with hundreds of clients from all over the world.
There are also assignments for emotional self work, self awareness and raising and developing your consciousness.
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This detox protocol is intended for anyone who is just beginning the journey of cleansing the body. This protocol is designed to be implemented by almost anyone, regardless of their current lifestyle or health. It marks the beginning of a period of transition to a natural diet and the initiation of the process of detoxification of the body from deposits created by years of neglecting the natural laws. It is suitable for all those who want to go very slowly to explore the world of natural health and who do not currently experience symptoms of impaired health, or for those whose organism is extremely toxic to acute symptoms. It is not recommended only for people with degenerative tissue condition because it is not intense and effective enough for them. This protocol is intended to be a period of detoxification of the organism from the most harmful substances we have consumed.


The intermediate detox protocol is a natural upgrade of the beginner one. It can be a continuation of the beginner protocol for those who have implemented it and it can also be an initial detox phase for those who consider this protocol as a possible first step in their health journey. Intermediate protocol can be done by anyone who has no actual symptoms and it can also be a good period of adjustment for those who have them and do not want to jump into the intense protocol immediately. The protocol is ideal for anyone who is in the post-acute or chronic phase of symptom development. It can also be applied in the case of degenerative tissue conditions as an introduction to people who are unable to begin intensive protocol immediately. This protocol is intended to represent a period of adjustment of the body to living food. Its purpose is to be an intermediate step towards a natural way of life for those who, for various reasons, need such a step.


Intense detox protocol is the next step in the transition. This protocol is intended for those who have already taken some steps on the path of natural health and to some extent prepared their body for the transition to consuming only natural foods. Also, this protocol can be a first step for those whose health is greatly compromised by the presence of degenerative tissue conditions and who do not have time to take the initial steps. It is intended for anyone who wants to begin the process of deep cleansing their bodies and reverse any health problem whether the symptoms are in the acute, post-acute, chronic or degenerative stages of development. It is through this protocol that the elimination and healing reactions of the body characteristic for reversing the process of tissue decay become possible.

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