Detoxification Masterclass

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If any of the statements below RESONATES with you, THIS IS FOR YOU.

This is for you if…
…you ever considered doing DETOX but didn’t know how to start
…you are already in detox and WANT TO GO DEEPER in understanding and knowledge about the body and detoxification
…you want to get the understanding of how the body works and what symptoms actually are
…you want to know how to get your body in BALANCE
…you want to learn how to LOSE WEIGHT naturally
…you are doing detox and have difficulties with all the EMOTIONS coming to the surface
…you want to get the understanding of health that allows HEALING to happen, especially throughout uncomfortable and difficult phases of the process
…you want to learn how to GET HEALTHY in a natural way

These are recorded videos from the live 5-day Detox masterclass in July 2021.

In this masterclass you get 5 videos of 7 hours in total with educational information, knowledge, experience and wisdom about detoxification that Luka gathered through his own life experience and experiences with hundreds of clients from all over the world.
There are also assignments for emotional self work, self awareness and raising and developing your consciousness.

For more informations about Detox Masterclass click here.

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