Personalized 180-day Detox program

774,77 inc. VAT

For people who are ready to commit to a six month transformational health journey. For people who are ready to jump into the detoxification world. For people who are either a complete beginner or they want to take the next step on their healing journey. For people who want to make a change in their daily life for vibrant health in a natural way. You get 3 personalized 60-day detox programs. Every two months I create a new protocol specific for your situation, your body’s needs and progress that you’ve made. You get a detailed plan and information for every week of the protocol. You get a detailed explanation on every step of the protocol and bodily process that might be happening throughout your detoxification. You get the experience, knowledge and wisdom to understand what real health actually is and how to live according to nature’s laws to keep yourself in balance.

– tips on how to start
– recommended everyday routines
detailed meal plan for every week
examples of fruit and vegetable juices
– how to combine fruit
green smoothies – importance of them and examples
– proper food combining
– acid/alkaline forming food chart
suggested herbs for better results
signs of detoxification – listed and explained
– necessary changes on your mental and emotional level to help you get through this journey as best as you can
– how to cope with your social environment during this process and all the changes you are going through
mind-body-emotion-soul connection

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