If any of the statements below RESONATES with you, THIS IS FOR YOU.

This is for you if…
…you think that there is more to health than just the physical.
…you want to get a better understanding of your EMOTIONS.
…you are on a detox journey and it feels like you don’t know how to take a STEP FURTHER.
…you are not on a detox journey but feel drawn to discovering your emotional world.
…you are ready and willing to DISCOVER HEALTH on a new, deeper level.
…you want to find out why HOW YOU EAT is even more important than WHAT you eat.
…you want to get the understanding needed to help you go through EMOTIONAL REACTIONS.

Healthy vibrant life - Luka HInić

Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

These are recorded videos from the live 5-day challenge from August 2021.

In this challenge you get 5 videos of 5 hours in total with educational information, knowledge, experience and wisdom about emotions that Luka gathered through his own life experience and experiences with hundreds of clients from all over the world.

In this challenge we go in depth through these topics:


5 Lessons

1) Introduction to the new challenge 

2) General information on the emotional side of development and growth

3) How to incorporate it in the detox journey

4) First assignment 

1) What are emotions actually 

2) Is there a positive or a negative emotion 

3) Why is the understanding of emotions and yourself more important than food 

1)  Why is it important to be aware of your emotional states 

and emotions coming to the surface during your daily life or detox 

1) Why is it important to have the proper understanding of releasing emotions and how to do it properly