If any of the statements below RESONATES with you, THIS IS FOR YOU.

This is for you if…
…you are ready to CHALLENGE YOURSELF to become a new, healthier version of yourself.
…you want to raise your AWARENESS and CONSCIOUSNESS about yourself and others.
…you want to rebuild a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP with yourself and others.
…you want to become more aware of your EMOTIONAL PATTERNS.
…you want to CHANGE how you perceive and understand what is happening within you and your environment.

Healthy vibrant life - Luka HInić

Photo by Belle Co from Pexels

These are recorded videos from the live 5-day challenge from September 2021.

This is a deeper version of the challenge “Rediscovering health beyond the physical with Luka”. Focus is mostly on relationships with yourself and others, whether it’s your romantic relationship, business or family. The understanding and knowledge you get here will help you become a more authentic and loving version of yourself.

In this challenge you get 5 videos of 4.5 hours in total with educational information, knowledge, experience and wisdom about emotions and relationships that Luka gathered through his own life experience and experiences with hundreds of clients from all over the world.

In this challenge we go in depth through these topics:


5 Lessons

1) Introduction to emotions and what they actually are 

1) Getting the understanding of emotions as our personal guidance and healing system 

1) Why relationship with yourself impacts all other relationships in your life 

2) How to build a healthy and mature relationship with yourself and others 

1) Getting the understanding of emotions within relationships with others 

2) Learn the difference between your reaction and your response to others 

3) How to respond in a healthy and mature way to yourself and others when you are triggered