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Detox will absolutely help you lose weight.. among many other amazing things detox can do for your whole being.

But, to understand how will detox help you lose weight with other benefits, first we need to know what detoxification actually is.

What would you say if I told you that you are actually not new to detoxification at all? You are actually a master at it because you’ve been doing it since you were born on this beautiful planet. You’ve just been doing it unconsciously your whole life.. or most of it.

Our body is a creation of nature itself. We get it when we get here and we leave it behind when we pass away. That is the only thing that we ACTUALLY OWN here.

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What our body naturally does is detoxification. Every day, 24/7. 

There are millions of processes going on inside our body at every moment without even thinking about it.

All these natural processes are keeping balance in every system, organ, gland and cell in the body.

They repair, cleanse, regenerate, rejuvenate, expel, destroy old and damaged cells to create new healthy ones. They keep your heart beating, circulation flowing and kidneys hydrating. They keep you breathing while you’re asleep and when you’re awake but forget that you need to breathe. They arrange your elimination pathways (skin, lungs, digestive system and kidneys) to function properly. They raise your temperature when you need extra white blood cells in the system to strengthen the immune system and destroy anything that is harmful for your body. They can also hold the extra weight in your body to protect more sensitive organs and glands in the body that are affected by all the toxins and acids flowing around and then when we start taking care of the body. It starts to naturally drop and expel the excess weight.


There are mysterious ways that the body works. Sometimes the processes can be very unpleasant, uncomfortable and painful but actually very beneficial and needed for the body to do what it needs to get in a better, healthier and stronger state. For example – cold and flu like symptoms, diarrhea, fevers, sore throat, headaches etc.

So, you might ask – if the body works so perfectly and is so powerful, why do people have health issues? Why are people overweight or in pain and chronic conditions?

Why do people have health issues and are overweight or in pain and chronic conditions - Healthy Vibrant Life

That’s because even though we do have a perfect system in our body, we are imperfect humans and live in an imperfect society.

What we have been taught about health, food and our bodies processes is mostly contradictory to how it actually is.


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We live in a world where we gradually and generationally degenerate in health. That’s why you see so much more chronic conditions in the world and also much more in the young population. Our genetic constitution is being passed on weaker and weaker. The only person that can do something to change that is US, for ourselves.

We can change genetics (research epigenetics). We can change how we eat, how we think, how we act, how we live. But we need to want to do it. For ourselves primarily, because no one can make you do it or do it instead of you. 

There are so many hurt and traumatized people in the world that don’t change and heal themselves. They just continue doing the same to others and there are a lot of unnatural foods available today that are very addictive. There is little knowledge of true health and how powerful we and our body actually are. We have a lot of unresolved things within us and all of the above mentioned affect our health much more than you could imagine.


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Learning how to detoxify your body and your mind is one of the greatest things you can learn for yourself and your health. The understanding of your body, nature and its natural processes that you get from it is what’s going to keep you, people around you and the generations after you regenerating and healing instead of degenerating and suffering more.

There is a big difference between living, making unconscious choices and living and making conscious choices. The same is with detoxification. Whether you unconsciously detoxify in your life when your body gets the natural processes in action ( cold, flu, fevers, any symptom) or if you’re doing it on purpose, consciously and actually helping and treating your body properly.

When we are doing it unconsciously, our body is creating processes to cleanse and detoxify to get off the excess load that it has so it can function properly to the extent that it can.

When we are doing it consciously, we are giving the body conditions not only to detoxify what is the actual situation or process needed, but also to regenerate, rejuvenate and to repair things from the body that are generations old.

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Please understand, your body needs your cooperation in order to be healthy and vibrant. It needs your support and your understanding. If not, it will keep you alive and balanced as much as it can, but you will with time have a harder and harder experience here on this planet. You could be in pain, barely walking and thinking that it is normal in those ages.

None of those things are “normal”. That happens when you don’t take care of yourself and your body your whole life.


How will detox help you lose weight and how to get started?

When you consciously change something in your life and give the body the conditions it needs to do its work, excess weight falls off. The body gets rid of everything it doesn’t need anymore.

Now when we understand the basics of what detoxification is and that we’ve been doing it already, it’s time to learn how to do it consciously and properly.

There are so many types of detoxes that people can do. 

There are also a lot of misinterpretations and misunderstandings on that topic as well.


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Some people do different diets, different approaches. Some people do supplements. Some people do smoothies, juicing. Some people do fasting

Some people do 2 days, some 5 days, some 7 days, some for a month, some for a year.

There is no wrong way, just what resonates with you at the moment. If what resonates changes and you want to go a different approach because you feel that the first one isn’t working for you, great! You learned what you needed from it and move on. That doesn’t mean that the first approach won’t work completely for someone else.


All types of diets and approaches work and have success to an extent in detox, weight loss, health benefits.

Because they all have similar things being done in them – and that is removing certain specific foods from their daily regime.

The more you remove processed foods, refined sugars, heavily oiled and fried foods, artificial chemicals – the more you will be detoxing meaning the more you will start to see changes happening with your body and your health.

Especially for weight loss. It is almost the first thing that the body starts taking care of when we give it the conditions to do so. 

However, even if this is simple, because nature and truth are simple, it is not easy. 

Most of us actually know exactly what we need to do, but 97% of the time we don’t do it.

Because with the tool of detox, with the detox program and plan that you can follow, with the coach or specialist that can guide you through it – there is still one most important thing that needs to be in place. Your will, your consistency, your patience, your persistence and your whatever it takes approach. 

No one can do it instead of us.

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Not only does detox help you lose weight, but also by doing detox – weight loss comes as a consequence.

It doesn’t even have to be a goal, it will happen naturally.

I had so many clients who came to me for chronic health issues and they happened to be overweight. Their goal was to be healthy, not to lose weight specifically. They were so amazed and happy when not only did they become healthy, they lost all the excess weight they wanted.

How will detox help ypu lose weight - Luka Hinić Healthy Vibrant Life

That is the biggest advantage of detox if you understand it and do it properly. You won’t only lose weight. Your body will start getting rid of everything that is harmful, that is old and damaged, that is blocking the flow of energy in the body and it will start to regenerate, support and strengthen everything in it. Every system will start to work better and more efficiently. 

Just by incorporating a smoothie or a fruit meal instead of a usual breakfast, long term you will have health benefits including weight loss. Small and simple is a great start.

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But if you are ready to make a leap in a new direction towards your health and freedom, I can help you and guide you on that path. (detox programs)


Rediscover health in a natural way. See how your issues whether chronic, mild, acute or specifically being overweight – naturally starts dissolving, balancing itself just by changing things in your life. Living differently, understanding differently and treating yourself differently.

Long term changes are made with lifestyle changes not one time things. If you want to resolve and change things with your health, you need to change for good, otherwise it can be resolved temporarily, but eventually it comes back, sometimes even in a different form.

Take your power back to yourself and make changes in your life that will allow you to live life exactly as you want to. Be happy and healthy!

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Share this with your family, friends or anyone who you think might benefit from it.

Read it yourself a couple of times, every once in a while. It will sit differently every time, especially if you will do practical changes in your life according to this. Changes will start happening in your life very quickly.

Thank you for reading.

Much love,


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